How to Send Flowers to Your New Boss

Thanking your new boss for hiring you and placing you in a position in their business is a great way to show your appreciation for the opportunity you've received. It's also a way to stand out from other new hires and even current employees. You want to send your boss flowers as a show of appreciation, but you don't want to come across as too intimate or make the wrong impression with your message. [Read More]

Using Hydrangea Flowers For A Funeral

Sympathy flowers are an emotional way to show somebody that you care when a loved one passes away. There are many different species of flowers that you could use for these arrangements. One that isn't used as often as it could be is hydrangea flowers from a florist like Marine Florists. The Meaning Of Hydrangea Flowers Hydrangea flowers are a colorful and interesting flowers that have a deep and interesting meaning. [Read More]

Getting Your Kids' Hands Dirty: Easy Gardening Projects For You And Your Child

Groom your child to have a green-thumb by inviting them to help you with gardening projects and tasks. Try some of the following gardening ideas, which are appropriate for all ages: Mini garden ponds. Ask your kids to help you create a mini frog pond on your property. This is an easy project that will encourage wildlife to the spot, which can be entertaining and educational for children. All you really need is a large plant pot, some aquatic plants, and a few good-sized stones: Dig a hole to sink the plant pot into the ground so that the lip of the pot is level with the ground. [Read More]

The Allergy-Friendly Bouquet: What To Look For In The Flowers You Choose

If you have pollen allergies that prevent you from having lots of flowers in your home, here's some good news: If you choose the right types of flowers, you can have a sneeze- and hive-free bundle of blooms made just for you. It's all a matter of choosing flowers with the right characteristics that limit or eliminate pollen. Non-Wind Pollinated A big part of pollen allergies is the fact that pollen can be carried on the wind, right to your nose. [Read More]